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Wellstone: They Killed Him
The film examines the killers' means, motive and opportunity. High on the motive list is that Senator Paul Wellstone -- one of 23 senators who voted against the Iraq war -- was "sticking his nose into 9/11." Wellstone intimates say he was asking questions about 9/11...and thus was publicly executed as a warning.  
There was NEVER a public hearing and the 1100 page NTSB report will not be admissible in court. 
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They Killed Him at 10:18, the plane is disabled, seven miles from the airport. The King Air A-100 turbo prop flies treetop level over shocked witnesses, five miles out: no lights, crabbed cockeyed, engines spooling down, so low witnesses are amazed it stays airborn. Three more miles and the plane stalls, dropping into the woods, killing all eight on board: Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Mn), his wife Sheila, daughter Marcia, aides Mary McEvoy, Tom Lapic, Will McLaughlin, pilot Richard Conry and co-pilot Michael Guess. How to account for the experienced pilots behavior, unless they had been disabled? But why would anyone go to such trouble to so publicly kill the senior senator from Minnesota? Cui bono? Who benefits? That’s the question VFW veterans in Willmar, Minnesota have. They heard the Senator tell of the threat Vice President Cheney made to Wellstone shortly after the Senator's No vote on the Iraq War. ‘Go along with the program, if you know what’s good for you and Minnesota. Stop sticking your nose into 9/11.’

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Intimidation was one tactic used by the FBI on witnesses who had been directed to the FBI (local cops were frozen out) which then suppressed their testimony, just as the FBI sanitized the crash site 8 hours before the NTSB came on the scene. The national media began the cover-up right away: bad weather, icing; that scenario didn’t work so the NTSB blamed it on the pilots. Though a high profile crash that many in Minnesota were skeptical about, the NTSB couldn’t afford to hold a public hearing; 
the truth would quickly become evident. This film, begun the day after the crash, gives voice to thepeople of the Iron Range: witnesses, first-responders, citizens, assassination experts such as Prof. James Fetzer and Four Arrows. 

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Jim Fetzer, keynote speaker at the Honoring Wellstone Tribute (Minneapolis, Oct. 23, 2012), quotes CIA head William Colby (who was himself murdered for such revelations).  Fetzer (U. of Minn. philosophy professor, ret.), is the author of American Assassination (The Strange Death of Sen. Paul Wellstone). He is also featured in Snowshoefilms’ documentary, Wellstone: They Killed Him.  In his Tribute talk, Fetzer recalled the words of Pres. Reagan’s CIA director, Bill Casey: “The CIA will have succeeded when everything that the American people believe is false.”  In under 20 minutes, Prof. Fetzer exposes the absurd official story (FBI, NTSB, NIST & the Media) the American people have been fooled into

believing about the Wellstone crash.  The CIA’s success is nearly a done deal, and groups like the Wellstone Action are gatekeepers reinforcing the trance state.  As Fetzer says in conclusion, ‘Minnesota nice isn’t gonna cut it.”  -18 min.

Mark Novitsky, national security whistleblower, offers one of the most compelling reasons Senator Paul Wellstone was publicly assassinated on October 25, 2002. Just eight days earlier, on October 17, the maverick senator introduced the Consumer Shareholder Protection Act, SB 3143. A couple of days before that, Dick Cheney, the president of vice, summoned Paul Wellstone to his office, threatening him to back off. As whistleblower Colleen Rowley said at the Oct. 23, 2012 "Honoring Wellstone" event in Minneapolis, this was 'mafia style' politics. Murder most foul. The evidence mounts. Wellstone was looking into 9/11, something that Cheney couldn't allow. And Mark Novitsky was in the position to 

know that Wellstone's proposed legislation would have been a major obstacle to the financial crimes and bailouts on the agenda for the very near future. Wellstone, too, as Novitsky and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton note, would have been a major Presidential challenger to the treacherous John Kerry in 2004. As Mark Novitsky observes, 'means, motive and opportunity' are the primary factors in investigating a crime. Novitsky's insight adds powerfully to understanding motive in the murder of Paul Wellstone and seven others on that fateful plane. -24min

THERE'S NO CONSCIENCE LEFT: Colleen Rowley on Wellstone
HONORING WELLSTONE: A Tribute, Questions, and a Call for Justice (Minneapolis Wellstone Memorial Event, Oct 23, 2012), hosted by SEC Whistleblower Mark Novitsky.  Former FBI attorney, Colleen Rowley reveals her first encounter with Paul Wellstone where the senator was one of four who urged FBI Director Robert Mueller not to fire Rowley for her timely whistle blowing (the other three: Chuck Grassley (Ia), Patrick Leahy (Vt), and Mark Dayton, Wellstone’s Minnesota colleague in the Senate). At her first meeting with Wellstone, Colleen was surprised to get a hug from the senator that lifted her off her feet. Wellstone celebrated bravery with an enthusiasm that

was contagious.  Rowley calls for a rejuvenation of the Wellstone spirit (in contrast with ‘Wellstone Action’ which most pathetically promulgates the official story of Wellstone’s murder). - 12 min.

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